Our clients discover that when they hire Siena, they get more than the sum of the parts required for a beautiful home. We bring a little something extra… beyond the walls.

Maybe it’s the value-added insight and education you’ll receive with each decision you make. Maybe it’s the hands-on involvement of the owner himself, Mike Priolo  who goes above and beyond by liaising with mortgage brokers, conducting walk-throughs with tradespeople, taking pictures and recording construction details to ensure what looks good on paper, works in practice. Maybe it’s the magic of all the little details coming together to turn dream homes into reality.


With Siena, you get more than a home. You get a full homebuilding education. You are completely informed and coached on key design and function decisions from start to end, including:

It’s about knowing how various communities and landscapes fit with your lifestyle and goals. We have in-depth experience and knowledge of Calgary’s housing market and the nuances of each community. We can tour potential locations with you, and walk you through each consideration involved in this foundational homebuilding decision.

From development permits to building permits, we help you navigate the regulatory maze.

Balancing your goals with your budget is our business. We bring strong financial acumen and education, allowing us to liaise with bankers and brokers where requested and apply a signature budgeting system that ensures every potential cost is considered from the project outset.

Are you looking to build as part of an investment? Are you adding a new suite to your home or garage? Are you building new homes to sell or rent? Our background in finance and economics positions us to provide valuable consultation on key considerations to ensure your return on investment.

We walk you through each selection, from appliances, to fixtures. Don’t trade off quality for fashion or budget. We regularly undertake a full investigative approach to understand what’s happening in the marketplace and provide the latest insight on material quality and value.

We help you create a vision with architectural experts ensuring your home design caters to your lifestyle and taste.

Knowledge is power. The education and consultation you receive during your home building process empowers you to know how your home works, how it’s built, and how to take care for years to come.


We blend the art of fashion with the science of function throughout every facet of the construction process. Some examples include:

Decisions like placement of lighting in rooms and walkways, and even the type of lighting, in context with its purpose, can greatly enhance the day-to-day ambiance of any living space. Some lighting fixtures might look fancy, but provide very little light.  Additionally the placement of plugs and switches must consider both function and fashion of major furniture placement. Will the switches be accessible if a bed or sofa looks good in a certain spot? Lighting is a great example of how fashion must be considered in context of function.

Aesthetics merge with the human factor when you consider placement, sizes, shapes and even types and energy efficiency of windows.

A certain type of hardwood, carpet or tile might look sharp but will upkeep be difficult? Does the material make sense in context of the room’s uses? Siena will keep your decisions beautifully grounded.

Stairways introduce a host of decisions. From the functional width of a stairwell to the fashionable elements in railings and steps. Is your design preference practical? Will a glass corridor require a lot of upkeep? Will the stair direction or material amplify noise from a high traffic room below?

The overall layout of a house must balance the fashion of open spaces, with the function of room utility. Is it really better to have a large bedroom at the expense of a functional closet? Additionally, many builders think a bathroom or kitchen exudes luxury if they’ve checked all the boxes when it comes to expensive fixtures. But a proper layout contributes to both function and luxury. Your bathroom should feel like a spa and you don’t need the most expensive showerhead to get that. Don’t sacrifice functional hallway width to create an open feeling in the den if ceiling height can accomplish that. A million layout decisions must be made and every house has its own unique combination of characteristics to strike that perfect balance.


Process precedes performance. At Siena, process diligence is at the root of homebuilding excellence. It’s what allows us to find the balance between your wishes and the economics of the home. It’s about continually checking back and following up with contractors and clients. We bring diligence to the process by how we:

Balancing quality and cost requires ongoing communication with carefully selected industry professionals, some of whom have worked with Siena’s leadership for over fifteen years. Our top criteria? Contractors must be adaptable to the changing, fluid nature of projects, they must uphold a culture of continuous communication, and be frank about logistical issues. Finally, they must have a demonstrable passion for their craft that can be seen in the quality of the finished product.

Every project begins with a walk-through with each and every tradesperson. We personally ensure they are aligned with the goals of each project phase. We develop a checklist of client requests and continually loop back as the project progresses to ensure everything happens as planned.

Siena is the conduit for constant communication with project partners. Owner Mike Priolo combines a background in finance, first-hand construction experience and direct ongoing engagement between clients and contractors to ensure Siena maintains a culture of cost control that comes from the top.

This is where we put your allocated dollars to work. At Siena, it’s not about building the cheapest house. It’s about getting the highest value for every dollar. Every step in the process must be analyzed and implemented strategically to ensure the project remains on budget while meeting your goals. Built on national industry building standards, and customized for your project, Siena’s signature budgeting system ensures every potential cost is considered from the start. Clients are then kept apprised of the budget throughout every stage of construction.

Through pictures and descriptions, we keep a detailed account of construction measures taken to prevent building issues. This allows for proper recourse and diagnosis if concerns arise post-construction.


Our standards for quality are uncompromisingly high. This is evident in everything from the materials we use to the design specifications applied to each job. Examples of the Siena difference in standards include:

Current building codes meant to prevent the spread of house fires have actually resulted in restricted airflow in your attic space causing problems such as condensation, ice dams and mold. Siena's innovative solution utilizing the Ventilation Maximum System provides air intake and exhausting designed to recirculate your attic air every ten to fifteen minutes.

Not only a foundation which is stronger, including more steel and higher MPA concrete. We waterproof our foundations with a membrane that carries a 10-year warranty against water infiltration. And with our sulphate resistant footings, your foundations are sure to be safe, strong and dry for years to come.

If you have to share a wall with neighbors, you don’t want to hear the sounds of their daily lives. We use an exclusive assembly system for our party walls that combines precise design specifications with the best quality materials we can find in the market. The result is among the highest combination of fire resistance, sound proofing (Sound Transfer Co-Efficiency Rating) and insulation value in existence on the market today.


Siena designed and built our house. We were very happy with the final results. The design process was enjoyable and Mike (the builder) had great input from past experiences. We were provided a detailed budget so we could see how much each area would cost. This was helpful instead getting one amount for the final price.

The building process was great since we could go by the house any time and look around. Mike answered all our questions when we had them. Any time there was a decision to be made, the matter the size, we were consulted which put your mind at ease if something cost a little extra than expected.

Quality of material and workman ship was very good. The builder had great trades that provided excellent quality. And if something wasn’t up to our standard, the builder worked with its trades to get it right. The house took a little longer to expected, but I didn’t mind if the quality would have suffered.

Overall I was very happy with the house Siena built and I would recommend Mike to my family or friends.

Gianni Pezzente January 2014

I am an estimator and have seen and worked with Mike from Siena on several of his projects over the past 6 years. He is absolutely the most dedicated and knowledgeable private contractor that I know in Calgary’s custom home building market. He knows the business, front to end – he understands the challenges of financing a project, he knows the city processes for applications and approvals, and he gets engaged early in the planning stages, putting his experience to work to make decisions that avoid pitfalls down the line. His designs are thoughtful and practical, his finishings are attractive and affordable. He’s an expert at budgeting and is very good at hitting the sweet spot of balancing luxury against cost. Most importantly, he builds to a higher quality standard, like better weather-proofing systems for his foundations, higher R rating insulation, known noise suppression in party walls and ceilings, plus so much more that only a trained eye can appreciate.

Anyone who is looking to experience a truly customized vision and ongoing experienced consultation from a professional who is enthusiastically vested in their project needs to call Mike and then stop the search.

Remo Trotta, Colleague Ongoing

In the Spring of 2016, we moved into a beautiful new duplex that Siena (Mike Priolo) built in Winston Heights and we couldn’t be happier. The quality of construction for the price was by far and away the best that we’ve seen in the city. What a great builder. Then, we hired Siena (Mike Priolo) to add a wet bar to the basement, using the same matching cabinets, counter top, and tile accents found elsewhere in the home. The job was done extremely well, at a reasonable cost, and to a very high level of detail. Now, the wet bar looks like it was there since day one. A+, 10/10, 🙂

Nick Kuzyk & Lori Cutler July 2016

We were looking in the Calgary infill market for a new home for approximately 6 months. So many infills that we viewed would look ‘cookie cutter’ with poor use of space and little attention to detail. We came across an open house of Siena and instantly fell in love with the home. The quality of building materials miles better than others we have seen.

The attention to detail surpassed what other custom builders offered. The design of the house was actually thought though and had purpose. And the service after we purchased the house was always offered to us even though it wasn’t necessary.

Siena would come by after we moved in and checked multiple times to see if everything was up to our liking. We couldn’t be happier with our home from Siena Signature Builders. If you are looking for a custom home builder that will actually give you the personal service that a custom home requires, give Siena an opportunity to show what the can do.

Matt Cain April 2016

We moved into our home in June 2013 and are extremely happy with the outcome. The quality of products and workmanship are top notch and their attention to detail is impressive. They build with passion and integrity, which is not only reflected in the aesthetics of our home but also in features behind the walls. In certain instances they exceeded building code requirements.

Siena Signature Builders made the design process easy. They were patient and flexible, allowing us to add our own design touches and they ensured we were educated along the way. Siena included features that make our home functional yet unique so that it stands out from others.

They provide excellent customer service, are more than willing to answer our questions and provide timely follow up.

We love our home and will continue to recommend Siena Signature Builders!

Cayseq June 2013

We hired Siena as the General Contractor for the construction of our semi detached home at 1109B Reader Crescent and are very happy with the results.

We used a third party architect to complete the blueprints, but we relied heavily on input from Siena during the design process for items ranging from constructability through aesthetics. Mike, the owner, was always prompt and thorough when providing feedback and we were particularly happy with the advice on where to splurge, and where to save, without sacrificing quality and livability. This is something that you will not always get from a builder, since they are typically incentivized to get you to spend. Never did we feel pressured. He always provided input on the pros/cons and let us decide what worked best for us.

We reviewed/interviewed many builders prior to deciding on Siena for our home. What really stood out was their attention to detail and build quality, both in our home and others we toured. Having full access throughout the construction process also gave us piece of mind knowing that what’s behind the walls was just as solid as what’s on the surface. Many items exceeded code requirements where it made sense (one example: spray foam on all joist ends, which led to lower utilities throughout this past winter, even though our new house is larger than our last). Furthermore, Siena has developed a solid relationship with many quality subcontractors, which is important when trying to keep progress moving along.

We are very happy with our home and plan to be here for many years to come.

Happy to provide additional details on my recommendation.

Colin Grosh September 2015

We bought our home from Siena in 2012 and we could not be happier. The quality of the materials, the craftsmanship, the attention to detail and the customer service are fantastic. We had looked at 30-35 different houses, knowing that we wanted an infill in an established neighbourhood, after a while they all started to look the same. As soon as we walked in we knew this was the one.

We did not have the chance to participate in the design, choosing colours, layout, etc., but they did such a great job we would not have changed a thing. We wanted something that was modern with out being stark or cold, Mike and his team hit the nail on the head with this house.

More importantly to me is Mike’s customer service. We had a issue with a small section of carpet that I wanted to get fixed (needed to be re-stretched). Mike reached out to the original installer and arranged for the carpet to be fixed, outside of warranty, and at no cost!

I recommend Siena to everyone I know looking to move into a great upscale home and, knowing my wife, when we build again, I’ll be calling Mike.

Karen & Will August 2013

My husband and I worked with Siena Builders last year on building out our deck and basement. We were provided utmost professionalism from beginning to end. I felt comfortable with the design skill from Mike Priolo, and appreciated the different ideas and suggestions he gave us. The quality and look of our improvements is something we are thrilled with. Small touches that Mike suggested added so much to the look of our home, without blowing our budget.
I was very happy with the level of service we received from Mike and his group. They were realistic with timelines, very respectful of being in our home space, and did their best to keep the areas clean. I would recommend Siena Builders to friends and family for a renovation project. Having a home builder work on existing improvements in my home gave me comfort in knowing that Mike knew all new city codes, and knows how to build a home from ground up.

Carla May 2015

Although small, my renovation was important to me and Mike took it just as seriously. Keeping my budget in mind, we worked together to plan the layout of the hardwood to best suit the space. He also had to match paint colour flowing through to other spaces. The overall attention to detail was spot on. His team worked quickly and within my schedule. When I got other ideas, he always responded with a smile and I knew he would get them done. I would certainly recommend Siena Signature Builders for projects big or small. I know who to call for future work.

Joanne Meehan March 2016

My 94 yr old father lives in the same house he has lived in for 60 years. Since my brother-in-law passed away three years ago, there has been no one to keep up with regular maintenance or replacement of items that wear out. My sister and I do what we can when we are in town but we both live out of Calgary. When I was there in February, Dad was using a pipe wrench to open and close the taps in his bathroom upstairs, all the time cursing the last plumber who charged him $300 and still didn’t fix it. When Dad went into the hospital shortly after my visit, I made a decision to try and get the plumbing fixed in the upstairs bathroom and also see what it would cost to replace the shower in the downstairs bathroom. The thought being that if Dad ever needed in-home care long term, that a caregiver would have their own bathroom and shower. When I talked to my son about it, he told me about the guy who he contracted with when he built his most recent house. He got ahold of Mike and had him over there within a week to do a walk through and provide some insight into what these two jobs might entail. What impressed me a lot was the fact that Mike took into account the practical aspects of embarking on renovation projects in a house that would probably be torn down within the next five years. His quote came in a lot lower than I thought, but most of all I liked the way he presented what needed to be done, and did not try to push anything fancy or impractical. I knew that the company was used to doing big construction projects and that my dad’s house could be considered less important. But at no time did I get that impression at all and both projects were completed in time for my dad to get home from the hospital with a functioning set of taps. You have to realize the scope of the project in a house that old, to understand how impressed I was with the final work as well as what it cost, it came in less than the original estimate. Mike even tried to clean the very stained bathtub that was probably the original one. Bless his heart, I have tried that myself to no avail.

Needless to say, I would recommend Mike and his team for ANY project whether it be a big new build or a smallish renovation. I have before and after pictures that I could share if anyone is interested.

Lorie March 2016